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Politics and Transhumanism — Interview with Italian Transhumanist MP Giuseppe Vatinno

Is transhumanism a political movement? Should it be? What would be its platform? Too often transhumanists focus only on advancing technology and scientific discoveries, ignoring the important social and psychological aspects of accelerating change. Political action can advance change as well, for example through legislation and funding that promotes life extension technologies, research into artificial intelligence, space exploration, nanotechnology and biotechnology.


David Hanson on the Future of Arts, Design and Robotics: An Interview by Natasha Vita-More

David Hanson and I share a similar background in media, art and design. We both value new possibilities for human platforms for life extension. Where we are different is in our focus: I designed “Primo Posthuman” as a future body prototype for exploring theoretical ideas regarding regenerative media, nanorobots and AGI. Alternatively, David is actually building humanoid robots — including the Robokind commercial robot humanoid, and a variety of extremely realistic robot heads, incorporating unprecedentedly realistic facial expressions and voice. This interview covers some of David’s work in this area, including its exciting broader implications.

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