21.c Great Australian ’90s Cyberculture Magazine Returns

21.c  was an astoundingly intelligent and literate ’90s "cyberculture" magazine out of Australia that didn’t receive enough attention and distribution over here in the US.


Toward a Hydrogen Economy: Clues from Nature

Artificial photosynthesis may soon be a reality – splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. You only have to look as far as your garden to observe…


Posthuman Week at io9

It’s posthuman week (or so) at io9. Articles so far (about fictional posthumanity) include

"The Sexiest Mutants, Cyborgs And Posthumans Of All Time"


Lanier’s Singularity

Imagine discovering a town packed with immobile cars, some crashed into each other, others parked at odd angles as though their occupants just abandoned them.


Graphene is Next

Graphene. If you’ve never heard about it, don’t worry, a lot of people haven’t, because it’s really only been “discovered” relatively recently, and most of the truly interesting news about it has been in the last year.


Welcome to the Home of Satanic Transhumanist Elite Conspiracy

This guy Anders has been churning out these great mad paranoid conspiracy rants about some sort of collusion between transhumanists and pop stars and the global elite, whose goal is to create a "Posthuman Robot Hell."


Extraterrestrial Intelligence

As announced at the end of March, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories has upgraded the Opportunity rover (already stationed on Mars) with artificial intelligence firmware, code-named AEGIS.