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Best of H+: Hemp For Victory! (Over Aging)

Morris Johnson isn’t your typical longevity researcher, if such a thing can be claimed to exist. Johnson doesn’t have the usual alphabet soup of accreditations following his name, but a childhood epiphany drives his interest in the mastery of human mortality.


SIM, Emulation, Structure & Function

Video and Transcript of the interview conducted with Dr. Randal A. Koene by Adam A. Ford at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, 16 August, 2012. (The interview was part of the events surrounding the Singularity Summit Australia 2012.)

SIM stands for Substrate-Independent Minds. It is the notion that you can take the functions that are going on inside of our brain that produce mind and have them carried out in different kinds of implementations…


Aubrey de Grey on Aging and AI

No one has done more to bring the viability of ending aging to the attention of the general public and the scientific community than Aubrey de Grey. His specific plan for working toward this critical goal, which goes by the name of SENS (Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence), is currently the subject of research in a number of biology labs. His book Ending Aging (co-authored with Michael Rae) is required reading for anyone interested in longevity or transhumanism; and his website is full of relevant information.


Mutate or Die: a W.S. Burroughs Biotechnological Bestiary

 "When you cut into the present, the future leaks out.”
  from the Brion Gysin/W.S. Burroughs Third Mind

“Mutate or Die” is a bioart project being conceived of and executed by Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky. Bioart tends to use cutting edge biotechnology as an art making device and specializes in presenting living organisms as art. In this project, a DNA sample from William S. Burroughs will be isolated, amplified and shot into the nuclei of some cells. 

What is the process? –


Itamar Arel on the Path to Artificial General Intelligence

Whether or not you not agree with me that Artificial General Intelligence is likely to be the core technology driving progress in the next century — I guess you have to concur that IF we could achieve advanced AGI, the implications would be pretty damn profound.

So it’s exciting that an increasing number of AI researchers believe we could have human-level AGI within decades (or even years), not centuries.

But even the optimists in the AGI research community show little agreement on the optimal path for getting to their common end goal.

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