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David Pearce – The Naturalisation of Heaven and the Hedonistic Imperative

Interviews with David Pearce who is a British utilitarian philosopher who believes and promotes the idea that there exists a strong ethical imperative for humans to work towards the abolition of suffering in all sentient life.


Best of H+: The Reluctant Transhumanist

Singularity, 2012: God springs out of a computer to rapture the human race… The “God” of Singularity Sky is really just an Artificial Intelligence, manipulating us all merely to beat the alien competition. The Merchant Princes (from a series of novels by Stross) are just as rapacious as anything on Wall Street, and a downstream parallel universe is just another market to exploit.


Best of H+: Dancing at the End of Time

Michael Moorcock, creator of iconic characters…has been freaking us out for over forty years…The godfather of New Wave sci-fi, Moorcock was writing steampunk thirty years before Gibson and Sterling’s The Difference Engine, and anticipated posthuman themes a full generation before the World Transhumanist Association formed.


Reward Function Integrity in Artificially Intelligent Systems

Video and abstract of Roman’s presentation at Oxford University. Analysis of historical examples of wireheading in man and machine and evaluate a number of approaches proposed for dealing with reward-function corruption. While simplistic optimizers driven to maximize a proxy measure for a particular goal will always be a subject to corruption, sufficiently rational self-improving machines are believed by many to be safe from wireheading problems.


Neuroscience – and the Future of Humanity – Interview with Ken Hayworth

Recently I did a three part interview with renowned neuroscientist Kenneth Hayworth that went for 4.5 hours. So strap yourselves into your interview appreciation chairs and glue your eyes to the screen. It was very informative and fun, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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