Future Day 2016: The Return of h+ Magazine

orange mag logoOver the years h+Magazine has provided you with a wide variety of articles on transhumanism and related topics of interest. These have ranged from long technical articles to short news bites. We’ve included original works from many of the leading figures in transhumanism and beyond, and we’ve also republished a large number of articles which originally appeared elsewhere. Briefly, the magazine appeared as an actual paper based magazine sold in stores and then it was published as a electronic magazine in PDF format.

More recently h+ Magazine has been in the form of a daily blog with one or two articles appearing on average 5 days a week. But here in the early 21st century, the idea of what a magazine is or might be is a bit unclear.

It seemed therefore to be time to reassess both the form and format of what we were doing and re-envision the future of h+ magazine or whatever it might become.

Future Day seems like an auspicious day to announce our return since h+ Magazine returns today on Future Day 2016 after a brief hiatus from publishing.

Over the next weeks and months look for longer form articles with greater depth and supporting materials but which are still accessible to a broad lay audience. We will be moving to a weekly schedule with articles appearing mid-week.

We’ll also be redesigning the entire site and look of the magazine as well. Details coming soon.

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