Redefining the Relationship of Man and Machine – an audio-visual meditation

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I first met Gerd during my time as CTO of Since then I’ve followed Gerd’s work and his evolution as a futurist. This latest, a video meditative reading of his chapter from the 2015 book The Future of Business edited by Rohit Talwar, is well worth your time.

Gerd addresses the key issues and opportunities that will arise from an increasing convergence of humanity and technology, touching on related topics such as AI, Digital Ethics, reductionism, technological unemployment and machine-thinking. It’s a precautionary, limiting viewpoint of the future that transhumanists will find challenging.

For more details on the book, an audio-only version of this video, as well as a free PDF download of Gerd’s chapter can be found on his blog at here. Full text version here.

This film is best watched as a kind of audio-visual meditation, so carve out 30 minutes in your schedule, sit back on the couch, put some nice headphones on, and just let the story unfold!