Video Friday: Shane Legg – Machine Super Intelligence and the Halloween Scenario

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AI is now where the internet was in 1988. Demand for machine learning skills is quite strong in specialist applications (search companies like Google, hedge funds and bio-informatics) and is growing every year. I expect this to become noticeable in the mainstream around the middle of the next decade. I expect a boom in AI around 2020 followed by a decade of rapid progress, possibly after a market correction. Human level AI will be passed in the mid 2020’s, though many people won’t accept that this has happened. After this point the risks associated with advanced AI will start to become practically important.” – Shane Legg

Not the greatest fidelity, but lots of worthwhile material here and it ends with a discussion of the “Halloween Scenario” which is Shane’s prediction of super intelligent machines emerging by 2020. Discussion of the Halloween Scenario is here at the 1:44:55 mark.

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