Video Friday: Ron Shigeta Chief Science Officer at IndieBio

Ron Shigeta is the Chief Science Officer at IndieBio, a seed stage Biotechnology Accelerator in San Francisco. With its investments in small startups, IndieBio seeks to expand the definition of Biotechnology to consumer, tech and other nontraditional markets. Ron received his PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University focusing in biophysics.

Additional statement on GMOs by Ron Shigeta:
Genetic methods such as genome editing and transfection are tools and nothing more. As such they can be used well or poorly. I think its a mistake to blame a tool for the bad behavior of a human or corporate citizen. Controversy arises with most influential tools. The advent of the printing press, vaccines, the standardization of cargo containers are some example. But with very few exceptions (perhaps one in all history) tools become used universally. People rarely now blame rioting on power outages or blame shipbuilders if a boat capsizes.

As we approach 8 billion or perhaps 12 billion people on the face of the earth, the one tool to feed everyone is modern molecular biology. If we blame tools for ideological reasons we are tying our hands at a time when our need is most pressing in all of human history.

RON SHIGETA – Mentor Minds from Mentor Minds on Vimeo.