Fasting-Mimicking Diet – A Disclaimer

l nutra logo02_210x96Last week, I suggested a do-it-yourself version of Dr Longo’s FMD diet, and offered sample recipes. I want to clarify that this version was not authorized by Dr Longo or his associates at USC. In fact, they have a large team with expertise in different aspects of health, nutrition and aging, and they have developed a specific package of prepared foods and micronutrients, intended to be administered under a doctor’s supervision.

The package will soon be available as a kit from L-Nutra Corp, marketed under the brand ProLon.  This specific diet has been tested in a clinical trial, and the results reported in a research article last month.

I designed the recipes on a spreadsheet, and adjusted quantities to recreate the calorie content and the proportions of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, and oils) closely matching the FMD. But I know nothing about the actual ingredients in the Pro-Lon package, or the supplements they contain. The ingredients have not yet been announced, and my recipes haven’t been tested in a clinical trial.

I am enthusiastic about the FMD idea, and I am trying it myself this week. I certainly encourage you to do the same, and I believe that five days of light vegan meals with limited protein and a high proportion of fat is likely to be safe and healthy. This is my recommendation, and not endorsed by Dr Longo.

(I will add recipes to the list as I progress through the week, and they will appear on the original page, if you scroll down from here.)

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This article originally appearer on Josh’s blog Aging Maters here. Republished with permission.