Video Friday: Transhumanism and Christianity – N.T. Wright, Peter Thiel, and Ross Douthat

This Forum considers not only the question “what is the hope for humanity” but also what do we mean by this?

“In today’s modern culture, with all our technological and social advances, where is our hope most soundly placed? Is it even wise to hope for, or imagine, a better life? What does faith, or the absence of faith, have to do with any of this?”

New testament scholar and retired bishop N.T. Wright, billionaire Peter Thiel, and moderator Ross Douthat share a discussion of hope, technology, politics, and theology at the Veritas Forum. And yes transhumanism is covered extensively.

This conversation is notable in that it is one of the few places where Peter Thiel gets a chance to express his views on matters of interest to transhumanists. Both Christian transhumanists and critics of religious transhumanism will find a great deal of interest here.

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