Video Friday: Dr. Max More at the Church of Perpetual Life — Cryonics & the Future of Emergency Medicine

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.26.11 AMA recording of yesterday’s live event at the Church of Perpetual Life including a presentation by Max More.

(There were some internet connectivity issues during the live streaming so there are also some bad spots in the replay. It is not a problem with your connection.)

Dr. Max More is a Strategic Philosopher, President & CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, and author of the Proactionary Principle and the philosophy of Extropy and Transhumanism. An internationally recognized advocate of the effective and ethical use of technology for life extension and cryopreservation, Dr. Max More co-founded the Extropy Institute, an educational non-profit organization that created the modern “transhumanist” movement, whose goals centrally include extending healthy human life span.

Marvin Minsky, “the father of artificial intelligence”, said of Dr. More: “We have a dreadful shortage of people who know so much, can both think so boldly and clearly, and can express themselves so articulately.”

Live long and healthy!

Perpetual Life is a non-denominational science based church that is open to people of all faiths as well as the non-religious. We are non-judgmental and our members may belong to other churches. We hold faith in the technologies and discoveries of humanity to end aging and to defeat death within our lifetime.

Learn more at www.Perpetual.Life

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