Audio: John Danaher on Moral Enhancement

Occasional H+ Magazine contributor John Danaher appeared on the Smart Drugs Smarts podcast this week.
He chats with host Jesse Lawler on a wide range of topics around the issue of moral enhancement and the extended mind thesis.
  • The nature of enhancement and the difference between moral and cognitive enhancement.
  • Is morality too radically context-dependent to be a good candidate for ‘enhancement’?
  • The extended mind hypothesis and criticisms thereof
  • An argument for favoring internal forms of enhancement over external forms.
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Smart Drugs Smarts is a podcast dedicated to cognitive enhancement, nootropics and neuroscience. Smart Drugs Smarts is a great source of common sense advice, science, and intelligent discussion of cognitive enhancement and related ideas. Hands on biohackers and self experimenters will find it to be worthy source. Recommended.