Steve Aoki Neon Future II


h+ Magazine’s favorite DJ cyborg Steve Aoki is back with a futurist vision and a 12 track release. His previous album Neon Future I prominently featured Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey and produced a hit song about The Singularity based on Kurzweil’s book The Singularity Is Near.

“Neon Future I was the introduction into my perspective of the future. A future filled with innovation & transformation through our breakthroughs in science and technology, accelerating us faster and faster in an exponential trajectory towards singularity.”

In Neon Future II, Aoki delivers the sequel story. It’s the story of an amazing adventure where humanity escapes the bounds of Earth and becomes a spacefaring post-human interstellar civilization.

This time Aoki recruits Hollywood futurists Kip Thorne, the executive producer of the film Interstellar, and J.J. Abrams, director of the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens, for the futurist samples.

Aoki writes, “I hope you can join me in this Neon Future odyssey…I hope this album makes you feel something powerful, something that will dive into the deepest part of your being and make that illuminate beyond control. This is Neon Future II. We are the Neon Future!”

The album features NERVO, Matthew Koma, Linkin Park, , Moxie Raia, Harrison, Sherry St. GermainRivers Cuomo from Weezer, and Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg).

Steve Aoki once again confirms his place as the leading proponent of optimistic futurism in the EDM scene and beyond. And wait, is this a return of the concept album?

The standout tracks are “Lightning Strikes” with NERVO and  “Holding Up The World”,  but “Youth Dem (Turn Up)” will get a fair bit of play and the reggae/EDM sound is just in time for summer. My favorite was the opening track, “Time Capsule”, a futurist electro banger.

“The Neon Future is entirely unpredictable, except for one thing; that before you know it, the Neon Future will be the past.” ~ J.J. Abrams

From banging electro to vocal EDM to the reggae infused sounds, we’re headed right towards Steve Aoki’s Neon Future and it looks like it is going to be a party.

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Check the video for Darker Than Blood with Linkin Park on YouTube

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Will there be a Part III? “Neon Future is still just the beginning, which leaves it wide open if there will be a part 3. We will see. It’s been an incredible journey so far but it feels like we just started.” says Aoki.

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