Video Friday: What is Intelligence? by David Krakauer

Over at one of my favorite publications currently NAUTILUS, some very interesting Q&A with the new president of the Santa Fe Institute.

David opines on the nature of intelligence, why intelligence is not just a number and some other topics that h+ Magazine readers may find provocative.

I’ve embedded a couple of my favorite bits below, but you can watch the entire interview and read the transcript here.

If you don’t know about NAUTILUS, it’s an erudite and beautiful publication available in electronic and paper formats. The paper version is impressive. Buy it!

Also, you might enjoy these two videos of David that address some related topics of interest.

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Finally, last but not least, check out this panel discussion with an opening presentation from David which includes an all star group of panelists: nobel prize winner Murray Gell-Mann, Lord Colin Renfrew, computer scientist Melanie Mitchell, and Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith director of energy research at Oxford.

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