Online Demonstration for Indefinite Life Extension March 21, 2015

mileBelow find links to two segments for watching the demonstration for indefinite life extensions live Google Hangout broadcast on March 21, 2015. Spread them far and wide. Each segment is three hours. Watch a little bit, or the entirety of it.

People that have signed up to demonstrate via the polls on the event page will be entering through a separate link that we’ll be providing them. If you haven’t signed up in a poll, but still want to demonstrate, then let us know here:

We’ll bring you in if there is room.

If you have pictures or video of demonstration signs, or you or others giving statements in support of indefinite life extension, then post them at the event page and movement for indefinite life extension page on the 21st. We need these pictures – take them if you can.

Let’s generate as much action and show of support as possible. These kinds of actions are the way through which you’ll have the best chance to benefit from indefinite life extension in your lifetime.

Segment 1:

Segment 2: