Crowdfunding: Support Titanovo’s Novel Telomere Testing Technology

Telomere Testing For Everyone!

The length of telomeres correlates strongly with:
  • Overall longevity and health
  • Cancer risk
  • Lifestyle choices

Longer telomeres (the protective caps of chromosomes which shorten over the course of a lifetime) are a sign of overall good health. Because telomere length has been proven to be strongly correlated to measures of overall health, it is now possible to use telomere length as a metric of good health.

That is why Titanovo has developed the first telomere testing kit which will be saliva based, direct-to-consumer, quick, and affordable.  Titanovo believes that Big Data in the area of telomere length will say a lot about the health of society, and even give insight as to what lifestyles are healthy on a cellular level and which are not.

For example, long telomere length is strongly correlated to a Mediterranean diet. But there is still a lot to learn, and researchers need your help to get there.
Each Telomere Testing Kit will be delivered with a brief survey used to compare your telomere length with others who have taken our test. Thus, the more people that take the test, the more valuable of this data will be for researchers and participants.

Your donation matters

You give:

  • A monetary donation
  • A sample of your saliva
  • An extended survey, stating your age, geographical location, family info and lifestyle. (Data will be kept anonymously at an encrypted vault at Amazon servers)

You get:

  • Access to cutting edge information regarding your telomere length
  • Secure data regarding your telomere length and how lifestyle choices may be affecting it
  • Knowledge is power: The information you need to make positive choices for your general wellbeing

Titanovo gets:

  • Data used to seek patterns concerning the length of telomeres with environmental, genealogical, and lifestyle factors
  • The monetary support necessary to popularize our product and empower more people

If Titanovo meets their stretch goals, they will be able to provide three additional pieces of information which are correlated with longevity. Those are variations and copies of APOE APOE: (2/2, 2/3, 3/3, 3/4, 4/2, 4/4), APOC3(A/A, A/C, C/C), ACE (I/I, I/D, D/D)  genes. Those (especially APOE) have been shown to have strong correlation with health, longevity and lifespan in humans.Comparison of this data with telomere length we will make an important step further into understanding of influence of inherited factors vs environmental(lifestyle) factors on telomere length.

The Technology

There are several methods to measure the length of telomeres. Titanovo’s approach is different than most methods by analyzing buccal cells (inner cheek) instead of blood for measuring telomeres. And while there are other saliva-based methods for measuring telomeres, none have been developed and launched on a commercial scale for at-home customers so far.

Titanovo’s approach differs from the traditional buccal cell-based quantitative PCR method and specially-crafted primers used, we require only a small amount of DNA to successfully measure telomeres. This solves a key problem that past attempts to commercialize telomere testing kits have faced: an insufficient sample. Titanovo reports that a typical swab of saliva provides 20 times more DNA than is required for their method.

The Team

Oleksandr Savsunenko (Ph.D.), Founder

Dr. Savsunenko has a long history of working between industry and academia, with his primary interest being in projects around developing technologies. For Titanovo, Dr. Savsunenko is dedicated to realizing the potential of big data in the medical sciences.

Corey McCarren, Founder

Corey McCarren specializes in public relations and communications, and has worked on business development for a variety of projects in the high-tech field, including Titanovo. Internally, Corey’s focus is on developing scalable business processes, while earning high-quality media attention and developing business relationships and opportunities.

Alex Koliada, Head Scientist

Alex Koliada is a key researcher at the Gerontology Institute in Kiev and is largely resonsible for the development of the telomere test used by Titanovo. He is the Head Scientist at Titanovo and is responsible for managing the laboratory and improving laboratory processe

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