2045 Initiative: Avatar Technologies Digest #5 (Russian with English Subtitles)

You can watch this video with english subtitles.

1) Scientists from Medical University of Vienna used innovative technology called bionic reconstruction to restore function of extremities in 3 patients.
2) Scientists used a 3D printer to restore nerves
3) Sergio Canavero – an Italian neurosurgeon recently stated that transplantation of the whole body may be possible as soon as within two years from now.
4) Portuguese “Tekever” developed an unmanned aircraft controlled by thought.
5) A retired engineer built a prototype of a violinist robot.
6) As a bonus, please see a video of a blind man, first time in 10 years could see his wife via a bionic prosthetic eye.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU7hbY1f1bk&feature=youtu.be”]

Host: Maria Tuchina.
Video: Igor Kryzhanovsky kridj@mail.ru
Editing: Alexander Sokolov and video-market.ru
Subtitles: Timur Lagutin

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