Humanity+ Board Elections 2015

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Humanity+ announces the newly appointed Board, Advisors, and the upcoming elections!  

The newly appointed Board (alphabetical): Jose Cordeiro, Ben Goertzel, Amy Li, Gabriel Rothblatt, and Natasha Vita-More. Our Board is complimented by the Humanity+ Advisors (alphabetical): Sonia Arrison, James Clement, Aubrey de Grey, James Hughes, Ayesha Khanna, Luke Robert Mason, Max More, David Orban, Martine Rothblatt, David Pearce, and Anders Sandberg. Our team has been exemplary in working to strategize the future.

Currently we have four empty Board seats. Five candidates running to fill these four seats. Election information is provided here.




In March, the slate was sent as an announcement to members as a call for nominations. The selection consists of five candidates to fill four empty seats. The voting is currently taking place and the poll closes on March 31.

As a prologue and with the positive attitude of those involved, I am excited about this upcoming election because we are reaching a new set of challenges and our future looks promising. I am delighted to introduce the five exceptional candidates running in the upcoming election (alphabetical): Jeanne Dietsch, Alex Klokus, Juan Francisco “Kiko” Suarez, Giuseppe Vatinno, and David Wood. Below are their candidate Statements. I also provide links about their many accomplishments.



Jeanne Dietsch


Humanity+ Candidate Statement

LinkedIn; Sapiens Plurum; Online Interview






Alex Klokus


Humanity+ Candidate Statement

LinkedIn;; Online Story






Juan Francisco “Kiko” Suarez


Humanity+ Candidate Statement

LinkedIn; Lumina; Online Interview





Giuseppe Vatinno

vatinnoHumanity+ Candidate Statement

LinkedIn; Website; Online Interview





David Wood


Humanity+ Candidate Statement

LinkedIn; London Futurists; Online Interview





Reach out to the candidates on the hplusmembers email list and on our members’ Facebook page!





Humanity+ is facing a challenge. That challenge is to change the perceptions of advancing humanity and uplifting what we call the human condition. Humanity+ is dedicated to furthering knowledge about science and technology. Along these lines, we work with transhumanists and others who strive to influence a new generation of thinkers. The beneficial and ethical use of science and technology for human enhancement and radical life extension are at the core of this challenge. Its scaffolding forms the structure of reasoning: assessing technological impacts, socio-political issues, policies and legislation, learning from the past to assess possible consequences. All these areas need a balanced approach, which includes the human right of morphological freedom and the decision-making approach of the Proactionary Principle.

The strategy is to incorporate success stories and critical observation of Humanity+’s position in society, based in large part on the works of many transhumanists who have applied their skills and reasoning to their own efforts—businesses, organizations, and personal choices. A select list of objectives with goals and measurable initiatives are being developed by the Board of Directors. In taking a pint blank look at where we are today, we can see that Humanity+ has slowed down a bit over the past few years. This happens frequently with organizations; and so we have self-assessed and refreshed anew. We aim to invigorate others to join our global enterprise in supporting the core of transhumanism and build bridges across new terrains. In short, for Humanity+ grow we need to function like a smart business in recognizing our potential, fine-tuning our mission, knowing our market, and helping others learn more about the wealth of knowledge within our community.


With our newly elected Board working with our newly appointed Board and Advisors, we can meet the challenge by advancing knowledge and developing wise choices for the organization. And remember, “[i]f opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” (Milton Berle).



Chair, Humanity+

Board of Directors