Future Day 2015: Report from the India Future Society Conference

We are glad to announce that on the occasion of Future Day, India Future Society conducted an Online Future Day Conference 2015, India on 1st March, 2015 from 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM. (GMT + 5:30). The conference featured many prestigious speakers, who talked on different topics and how it co-relates to future studies and technology.

About Future Day

Holidays provide a fantastic way of channeling peoples’ attention and energy. Most of our holidays are focused on past events or individuals, or on the rhythms of nature. History and nature are wonderful and should be honored — but the amazing future we are building together should be honored as well. This future day conference is a way of focusing and celebrating the energy that more and more people around the world are directing toward creating a radically better future.

Future Day is also being organized at other parts of the world like Venezuela, Peru, Canada and others.
For more details, please visit Future Day website.

About India Future Society

India Future Society (IFS) is one and only non-profit organization in India which advocates to spread awareness about the emerging future technologies for masses and use of technology to expand human capacities in India. We’re focusing more on emerging technologies, and what practical aspects can be extracted out of it for the benefit of entire mankind. We want to aim for a deep influence on a new generation of thinkers, who dare to envision humanity’s next steps. Our programs are a combination of unique insights into the developments of emerging and speculative technologies like Mind uploading, Simulated/ Virtual reality, Genetics, Nanotechnology, Radical Life Extension and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that would focus on the well-being of our species. We have a great team of highly qualified national and international researcher, amongst them some are from India: Avinash K. Singh (President, India Future Society), Siddartha S Verma (Secretary, India Future Society), Dr. Raghuraj Singh (Prof, HBTI Kanpur), Dr Prabhat Verma (Asst Prof, HBTI Kanpur), Vivek Gupta (Technical Director, NIC New Delhi), Manoj Surya (Founder, StartUp Talks Bangalore) and several international members, like- Dr Aubrey de Grey (Founder, SENS Research Foundation), Dr. Natasha Vita More (Founder, edDesign), Dr Kim Solez (Speaker and Prof, University of Alberta, Canada), Dr James Hughes (Director, IEET), Ilia Stambler (Founder, International Longevity Alliance).

List of all members- http://www.IndiaFutureSociety.org/ about-us/our-team/ List of Editors/ Authors- http://indiafuturesociety.org/ about-us/authors-2/

Details of the speakers and the timing of their talk are given as below

4:00-4:15 – Opening Speech and Agenda by Avinash K Singh (India)
He is founder of India Future Society and Longevity Alliance India, MS from BITS Pilani, Researcher and
Engineer on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

4:15-4:45 PM – Future and Longevity by Elena Milova
She is working at Council for Public Health and the Problems of Demography, Coordinator for Aging
Control Activities, Coordinator of the Russian Longevity Alliance, Activist of the International Longevity
Alliance, Member at Russian Transhumanist Movement, Russia

4:50-5:25 PM – The Need to Reinvent Education To Survive the Future We have been Inventing by
Harish Shah

Harish Shah is Singapore’s pioneering local born Commercial Futurist and Sole-Proprietor of a Futurist
Management Consulting practice, Stratserv Consultancy. Harish developed a passion for studying,
understanding, appreciating and embracing the future while he was an undergraduate at The University
of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Triple Majors in
Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Management along with Marketing electives.
After graduating from UWA with a distinction average in each of his three majors, Harish returned to his
native Singapore, where his formal education stopped, but his passion for the study of the future
continued to grow.
Besides being a Futurist, Harish is a seasoned strategic negotiator and accustomed to complex
negotiations. He is a powerful speaker and presenter with a subtle sense of humor. Prior to
entrepreneurship, Harish has worked as a HR consultant to some of the world’s top corporations, has
sold industrial outsourcing services, managed learning & development, and he has been involved in
managing rehabilitative work with a governmental organization.

5:30-6:15 PM – Future and Transhumanism by Dr. Jose Cordeiro, PhD (MIT)
He is Energy Advisor, Faculty at Singularity University, International Advsor at Plan Peru Joven 2040,
Chair, Venezuela Node at The Millennium Project

6:20 PM-6:50 PM – Discussing on Ethical Issue by Sandeep Gautam
He is an engineer and Writer at Psychology Today and Times of India, India

6:55-7:25 PM – Dr. Ilia Stambler, PhD
Dr. Ilia Stambler is a researcher at the Department of Science, Technology and Society of Bar-Ilan
University, Israel. He worked as a scientific writer at the Biophysical Schottenstein Center for the
Research and Technology of the Cellome, Bar-Ilan University. He studied biomedical engineering in
Moscow Polytechnical Institute, biology at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and has an MA in
English literature from Bar-Ilan University. Ilia received his PhD degree at the Department of Science,
Technology and Society, at Bar-Ilan University. His thesis subject, and his main interest, is the History of
Life-extensionism in the 20th Century. He is a Author and Outreach Coordinator at ISOAD, Israel.

7:30-8:00 PM – M.V. Priyank
Trainer and Technology Evangelist, India

You Tube link of the conference here- Online Future Day Conference 2015, India

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0b6hJlcv_I”]

Slides from Conference available on SlideShare


Avinash K Singh, Founder and President, India Future Society
For more information contact us at Info@IndiaFutureSociety.org or Visit at www.IndiaFutureSociety.org

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