A Message for Future Day 2015 from Dr. Natasha Vita-More

nvmMany ideas come and go, but the most viable ones are repeated over and over again with new technologies and newly approached values. To prosper in life means to be self-aware and generous of all that one can offer to others and the world around us. A quiet walk through the woods, or a hike up a mountain, a swim in the ocean, watching the sunset, are all sensorial experiences. Some say that in the future we will be uploaded to disembodied agents; yet, I do not think this is accurate. Human, transhuman, and posthuman awareness benefits too much from the senses, and enhanced senses will offer deeper insights into the world, and more joy and connectivity to all life. Imagine a future where we transport between the biosphere, the cybersphere, and environments not yet created. The “router” for travelling through these systems will be an amazing sensory translator. Oh, how I marvel at it all in my imagination. Oh, how I want to be a part of that world of the future. Oh, how I love life and all that is possible!