Video Friday: The Case for Anarchist Transumanism

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Streamed live on Feb 1, 2015

This online video conference meeting looked at the case for Anarchist Transhumanism. It featured a moderated Q&A with Kris Notaro and Benjamin Abbott Summerspeaker, lead authors of the document “An Anarchist Transhumanist Manifesto“.


To quote from the start of that document:

“Anarchist-Transhumanism is a branch of anarchism that takes seriously the values of traditional and modern anarchism and combines it with transhumanism and posthumanism…

“Note to anyone who is unfamiliar with the term ‘Anarchism’: It may turn you off from the start but be assured that ‘anarchism’ is the evolution of radical democracy, consensus decision making, freedom, and equality.”

Kris Notaro, Managing Director, IEET
Benjamin Abbott Summerspeaker, IEET Affiliate Scholar
Waldemar Ingdhahl, director and founder of the Swedish policy think tank Eudoxa
David Wood, Executive Director, Transpolitica

Useful background reading:
“An Anarchist Transhumanist Manifesto”:…
Kris Notaro:…
Benjamin Abbott Summerspeaker:…
Waldemar Ingdahl:
About Eudoxa:
About Transpolitica:


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