Transhumanism 2014: A Year in Review


Screen-Shot-2014-05-14-at-6.55.12-AMWelcome to the h+ Magazine year in review!

Here’s a quick guide to our accomplishments together this year.

2014 was a great year for h+ Magazine thanks to you, our readers.

We set new records for total readership, most read articles, and more.

The site had more than 1.1 million views this year, up almost 40% from 2013. Our search placement and traffic from organic search is up as well.

While most of our readers come from the United States and English speaking nations, h+ Magazine readers come from over 200 countries around the world.

Here’s the top 50 nations.

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 Global Interest in Transhumanism in 2014


H+ Connect Integration

Not all of our readers are aware that h+ Magazine now includes a complete social network integrated into the site. If you register on h+ Magazine you already have an H+ Connect membership and profile. Coming in 2015, verified members of H+ Connect will have the opportunity to be listed in the Humanity+ Global Directory of Transhumanists.

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Most Read Articles in 2014

Some of the most popular articles in 2014 may surprise you.

Grams Darknet Search Engine
The new technologies that will change human civilization as we know it
Is It Better Never To Have Been Born? (anti-natalism)
Best of H+: Total Gender Change within a Decade
Mind uploading won’t lead to immortality
Your life is going to change faster than ever before
Elon Musk’s Secret Plan to Conquer the Universe
The Singularity is Still Closer than it Appears
Our Amazing Future
Is Precognition Real? Cornell University Lab Releases Powerful New Evidence that the Human Mind can Perceive the Future
How Nanotechnology Could Re-engineer Us
Prof. Hawking, the AIs will BE US
Christianity is Transhumanism
The Singularity: A Crucial Phase in Divine Self-Actualization?
Information Becoming Aware of Itself
Religion in the Age of Cyborgs
Paris Hilton on Existential Risks from Artificial Intelligence
Sexbots Will Give Us Longevity Orgasm
DIY Headphone Implant
How Long Till Human-Level AI?
Emotiv EPOC EEG Headset Hacked
Doomed Dome: The Future That Never Was
Review: Dan Brown’s Inferno
Elon Musk is More Dangerous than AI
Defeat Any Chatbot in a Turing Test with ASCII Art
Spike Jonze’s Her and the Big Question
How to Terraform Mars
Transhumanism and the End of Religion
Synthetic Meat — Passes Taste Tests, But Still Five Years Away from Commercial Availability
Elon Musk’s Demonization of AI
Top Ten Transhumanist Movies
The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging
Mindapps and The Neurosingularity Project
Future Energy: Metal-Air Batteries and Home Fuel Cells
Rejuvenate Your Cells by Growing New Mitochondria
Arts: The Parahuman Sculpture of Patricia Piccinini, Posthumanity and What It Really Means to be Human
Could a machine or an AI ever feel human-like emotions ?
We Must Evolve
Is Drug Addiction Part of Human Evolution?
How to build your own personal satellite
#6814 (loading title)
Simulated Universe Nonsense (The Penguin Argument)
Update: Salt is good for you
Is it possible to build an artificial superintelligence without fully replicating the human brain ?
GDF11: A hormonal candidate for rejuvenation
Is the Tor Network Broken?
Will Humans Achieve a Type 1 Civilization by 2100?
Interstellar Might Depict AI Slavery
Spike Jonze’s Her – Love in the time of AI
Magnet Implants I: Armstrong As Icarus
Response to Susan Schneider’s The Philosophy of ‘Her’
Book Review: The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil (2005)
Fix diseases and improve yourself through gene therapy
What Does Chatbot Eugene Goostman’s Success on the Turing Test Mean?
Video Friday: DeepMind’s Shane Legg on Machine Superintelligence
What is Transhumanism?
Book Review: Bostrom’s ‘Superintelligence’
How Close Are We to Real Nanotechnology?
Proposal: Dynamic Brain Switching As a Method to Maintain Consciousness During Mind Uploading
Can Singularity Critics Pass the Turing Test?
Black Holes Aren’t Real — Science Sensationalism vs. Science Ignorance
Biohacking/Grinder Update: Tim Cannon Implants Circadia 1.0
Suspended Animation is About to Become a Reality
Fear is the Mind-Killer
Transhumanism and the History of Bitcoin
Artificial Intelligence: Hawking’s Flaw
The End of Nation States May Enhance Humanity
Human Mortality: Individual and Collective
Transcendence vs. Her: Clash of Two Wimpy Future Visions
Quantified Self How-To: Designing Self-Experiments
A Users Guide to WolframAlpha
Immortalism: Ernest Becker and Alan Harrington on Overcoming Biological Limitations
On the Importance of Being a Cyborg Feminist
Transhumanism and Scientific Requirements to Hold Political Office
Transhumanists Should Work At Google
Jaron Lanier on Transhumanism
The Revolt Against Transhumanism
Redefining the Coming Singularity – It’s not what you think
Work Hard and Play Hard: A Nootropics Guide for Party Recovery
Interview: Gabriel Rothblatt Congressional Candidate in Florida’s 8th District
Event: Religion and Transhumanism – Conference May 10 2014 — Oakland CA USA
No, the body doesn’t just wear out as we get older
Dangerous Comedian Robot Escapes Norwegian Research Lab
Andy Droid: Your Sex Doll Has Arrived
Three Longevity Technologies to Watch
There’s Plenty More Room at the Bottom: Beyond Nanotech to Femtotech
Virtual Reality and Drugs — Yes, You Should Get High Before Using VR
Transhumanism for the Encyclopedia of Ethics, Science, Technology and Engineering
How Long Are You Willing To Fight For Your Dreams?
“The Transhumanist Wager” by Zoltan Istvan — review by Ben Goertzel
Did the Singularity Just Happen?
What is the most promising medical technology on the horizon today?
The Brevity of a Human Life
Richard Dawkins is Wrong About Death
Beyond Money
Book Review: Life at the Speed of Light by J. Craig Venter (2013)
What’s All This Talk About “Cishumanism”?
DIY Bio: A Growing Movement Takes on Aging
Kaylene Kau’s Tentacle Prosthetic and Beyond
Driverless autonomous vehicles will revolutionize transportation
Religion+ for Humanity+
How the Brain Works
Chris French – Skepticism, Pseudoscience, Evidence & Critical Thinking – Interview in 4 Parts
Remote Car hacking is reality, do not to underestimate it
Organ Regeneration Technology Versus 3D Bio-Printing
The Transhumanist Bodhisattvas
Video Friday: Ray Kurzweil: How Do You Define Intelligence? How Do You Build a Mind?
Nerdvana — Cosmos relaunches with Neil deGrasse Tyson
The Dawn of the Neuro Age: OpenBCI Enables a DIY Revolution in Mind Controlled Devices
We Fear Thought
The Next Global Superpower is… Korea?
Has Emily Howell Passed the Musical Turing Test?
Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change Our Lives
Transhumanists Should Attend Singularity University
Eris — The Dawn of Distributed Autonomous Organizations and The Future of Governance
Masters of Synthetic Life
The Catholic Church Has Declared War on Transhumanism
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno: Paradigm for the Future
Shall we wish for the singularity to happen and could it happen without human intervention ?
Motorola Patents Electronic Telepathy
Of Coconut Futures and Thermonuclear Fusion Power
Nanotechnology and Surgery: A Surgeon’s Perspective
Brain On a Chip
The Genomic Bodhisattva
Do We Need to Redefine the Human Subject?
Direct Brain to Brain Communication Between Animals and Humans
How Should We Spend Our Time?
Fly Your POV Around with Your Own Personal Quadcopter
Propaganda 2.0 and the rise of ‘narrative networks’
Do Cognitive Enhancing Drugs Actually Work?
Monsanto, GMOs, and the Future of Open Source Synthetic Biology
Transhumanist Science Fiction: The Most Important Genre The World Has Ever Seen? (An Interview with David Simpson)
Will super-human artificial intelligence (AI) be subject to evolution?
Tutorial:Tracking Mental Improvements due to Nootropics
Google vs Death – Transhumanist Responses
Nature, the Ultimate Technology
We are Watching Sousveillance Gradually Emerge, and Expose More and More Abuses of Power
The Transhumanist Party: Could It Change Our Future?
Mormon Transhumanist Conference coming up, April 4
Brain Augmentation: What’s the Deal?
Resuscitation, by Cryonics or Otherwise, Is a Religious Mandate
Saving the World with Analytical Philosophy
Bigger Than Google
Review: Alpha Brain Nootropic Blend
The Psychedelic Transhumanists
Event: Transhumanism and Space Exploration May 14-18 Los Angeles CA (updated)
Why an Intelligence Explosion is Probable
5 Positive Science Fiction Novels To Enjoy While Waiting for the Singularity
Book Review: Virtually Human by Martine Rothblatt
Scrapheap Transhumanism
Augmented Reality Rape — New Short Film Explores the Dark Side of AR Technology
The World’s Smallest Computer Is Smaller Than A Pill, Programmed With Flashing Light
Review: Archeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication
What Would “Cyborg” Mean If The Word Were Invented Today?
The three-day fast: Day Four
Why Christianity & Transhumanism Are Not Enemies
What physical or mental enhancements are possible through gene therapy ?
What Mars One Needs is Genetically Altered Human Colonists
Micro Machines and Opto-Electronics on a Contact Lense
The Transhumanistic Era
Humanity+ Vs. Individualism+
MitoQ = Targeted CoQ10
Immanuel Kant: Morality Necessitates Immortality
Love, Death, and Oxytocin
X – teched creatures billions of years old
A Heavy Hitter Weighs In Against Evolutionary Theory
Life Extension Supplements: A Reality Check
A Samsung Robot In Every Home By 2020?
Infinity Point Will Arrive by 2035 Latest
Review: Singularity Rising by James D. Miller
Jethro Knights: DIY Omnipotender Tale of a Self-Made Superman (full article)
Hackers threatens major cyber-attack on World Cup 2014
Hacking satellites
Enter the World of the Surrogates
Cryonics and Immortality Visionary: An Interview with Stephen Valentine of Timeship
Death, Transcendence and Transhumanism
Transhumanism Gets Political [updated (2)]
Wearing the Internet
Overview of Aniracetam vs. Piracetam
Buy a Raptor Fighter Ship used in Battlestar Galactica!
Video Friday: TRANSHUMAN Documentary by Titus Nachbauer
Modern Cosmology Versus Creation by Gods
What the Future May Hold for Mars
The Fermi Paradox, Self-Replicating Probes, and the Interstellar Transportation Bandwidth


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