Humanity+ Rising: Follow @hplusrising #actionplease

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.01.35 PMWhat is h+ Rising?

Newly founded in late November 2014, it is a rapidly growing H+ media vanguard.

The concept is simple: A lightweight, easy-to-use venue for members to share information and ideas about H+ with each other and the world, and to coordinate H+ related activities.

H+ Rising may take many different forms as society and technology advance.   As of now it is incarnated as a Twitter account, @hplusrising

The Twitter account @hplusrising is intended to serve two roles:

  • as a source for links related to H+ in all its aspects, posted by a diverse group of H+ oriented individuals
  • as a medium for orchestrating coordinated media activity, including coordinated responses to anti-H+ media, and coordinated positive H+ media onslaughts in specific (generally online but potentially also physical) locations at specific times

Full members of Humanity+ are invited to post to @hplusrising, via using GroupTweet to associate @hplusrising with their personal Twitter account.   If you are a full member of Humanity+ and would like posting privileges for @hplusrising, please email and Hruy will send you the needed GroupTweet link.

Once you’ve been approved for posting to @hplusrising, actually doing so is very easy: You just send a tweet from your regular Twitter account, and include @hplusrising within the tweet.   After maybe a couple minutes delay, this will automagically cause your tweet to get sent from the @hplusrising account, with the note “via @yourtwittername” appended.  (GroupTweet is pretty cool, eh?)

What is appropriate for posting on @hplusrising?   Basically, anything interesting and H+ related.  Could be current or recent news; or blog posts; or scientific articles, or essays, or whatever.   They’re just links, right? — so if a reader isn’t interested they can pass on to the next link!   Linking to important stuff that’s already noted in other futurist media is okay — but if you found something relevant that ISN’T already widely known in the community, that’s even better, eh?

Also, of course, everyone is encouraged to retweet @hplusrising tweets — this is how the follower base will grow, and the source will grow more and more influential.

(Note that posting to @hplusrising is a privilege accorded to individuals upon request, rather than an iron-clad right afforded universally by Humanity+ membership.  Generally we want more and more posters, but if you systematically post inappropriate content, your right to post to @hplusrising will be revoked.   This is not a bureaucratic endeavor and there is no formal policy here, only common sense, to be implemented for the time being by Hruy Tsegaye and Ben Goertzel, renowned as uncommonly sensible individuals…)


Action Please!

If you tweet a link to @hplusrising, and you believe the site at the other end of the link is a place where H+ oriented individuals should take online actions (e.g. adding comments to a blog post, or reviews to a book’s Web page), then you should add the hashtag #actionplease to the tweet.    The @hplusrising community should understand that #actionplease, in this context, is asking for the community to click on the link and add comments, reviews, or some other obviously appropriate online action.

A like-minded community able to respond rapidly and intelligently to new developments can do amazing things.   Let’s grow @hplusrising / H+ Rising into exactly this!




I have activated the @hplusrising Twitter account with GroupTweet to
allow multiple contributors to Tweet from this account. I’m inviting you to join me
as a Twitter contributor so you can also send Tweets from the @hplusrising
GroupTweet account.

It is easy to get started as a contributor just follow these steps:


1) Click the following link:

2) Login with your personal Twitter account (preferred) or create an
account with GroupTweet using your Email address of Facebook account.

3) Proceed to your Group’s dashboard and follow the ‘Get Started’ instructions.

4) If you register with a Twitter account you can also Tweet from
@hplusrising without visiting the GroupTweet dashboard. You can simply
include @hplusrising in a Tweet from your personal Twitter account.

5) If you have any questions feel free to email