Digital Physics Trailer

“Set in a hostel in the 1980s, ‘Digital Physics’ follows Khatchig, a man searching for truth in mathematics, physics, logic, and life. As he monopolizes the sole computer in the hostel to make sense of a counter-intuitive result, he has an epiphany: We may be living in a computer simulation.”Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.17.17 PM

A trailer for the new movie “Digital Physics” from the Foundational Questions Institute has just been released. The film explores fundamental metaphysical concepts that have shifted from the fringes of mainstream science to the heart of the debate.

The film has been compared to “Aronofsky’s ‘Pi”, but “directed by Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Bobcat Goldthwait”. Digital Physics is the first feature film by writer & director Jon Khanlian and will be playing film festivals in 2015.  The vibe is a bit lighter than Aronfsky’s Pi which was shot entirely in black and white and had a gritty, paranoid, feel thoughout.

Digital Physics looks brighter and lighter, but seemingly still includes some appropriately weird and challenging ideas, geeky moments such as this shot of a page from a textbook and a weird DEVO-esque music sequence performed in front of a cellular automaton. Digital Physics explores some similar terrain, but seems more light hearted about it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.15.54 PM

Check out the movie’s website ( including the Scicne Corner ( as well as the Foundational Questions Institute’s home page. (

In addition, a Digital Physics inspired music video was created to celebrate the release of Purling Hiss’s new album “Weirdon” out on Drag City Records. (  This is the fifth Purling Hiss music video that director Jon Khanlian has created.  He and Mike Polizze, Purling Hiss’s front man, became friends while living together in Philadelphia.  Purling Hiss’s music is featured in “Digital Physics” alongside of Manuel Göttsching’s 1975 pioneering, ambient, space rock album “Inventions for Electric Guitar.”

I’m already a fan of FQXi and Digital Physics looks intriguingly fun. Keep an eye open for screenings near you.



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