Martine Rothblatt on Yahoo! Finance

“Artificial intelligence doppelgangers and living in outer space may be closer than you think.

Those are a few takeaways from talking to Martine Rothblatt. Rothblatt was a founder of Sirius Satellite Radio before going on to found the biotech United Therapeutics (UTHR) and becoming the highest paid female CEO in the U.S. On top of that, she’s a futurist, who has commissioned an A.I. (artificial intelligence) robot of her wife Bina, called Bina48, and is out with a new book Virtually Human: The Promise–and the Peril–of Digital Immortality.

Rothblatt tells us that as people begin to upload more than their thoughts, mannerisms, photos and videos to cloud servers, entrepreneurs are developing software, which she calls “mindware,” to organize all of those thoughts into something that can experience a personality.”

Martine Rothblatt discusses her new book, mindclones and cyberconsciousness, Elon Musk, and the future of humanity in space.
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“Things we thought were science fiction are actually coming true.” ~ Martine Rothblatt

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