Google is Tracking Your Every Move

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Location services are considered a serious threat to privacy because location data managed by companies like Google could be used for online surveillance.

Many experts consider privacy an impossible utopia, while in reality every activity we make online is constantly tracked and in many cases principal service providers manage much more information than is needed to deliver their service.
The Google company has been accused multiple times of providing support to the US Government for online surveillance for example.
A few days ago the business magnate Rupert Murdoch described the activity of Google company more aggressive and invasive of the operations conducted by the NSA:

“NSA privacy invasion bad, but nothing compared to Google.” said Rupert Murdoch.
Google provides a huge number of services that we use daily, the majority of mobile users have an Android device in their pocket that manages an impressive amount of the user’s private data including contacts and movements.
But those mobile devices we carry everywhere are equipped with sophisticated sensors that could be abused invade our privacy.
Google acquires any data related to our position, and since it knows the data at every step it can keep track of the history of our movements.

You can yourself check your every move from here. You just need to log in with the same account you use on your Smartphone, that’s it. The map will display all the records of everywhere you‘ve been for the last day to month on your screen,” Elizabeth Flux wrote on reports.


While tracking of the User’s location is one of the most widely debated privacy issues, accessing to an online address is easy. This is not a movie. Of course, this is possible only if users have enabled ‘location services’ on their mobile device, but the problem is that there is a lack of knowledge for most ordinary users.
There is another worrying issue to consider, even if users switch off the location services, they can be switched back on if an app installed by the user and given access to the GPS location … and once again people ignore this or forget it for various reasons.
Staying entirely hidden while using a phone is quite impossible. As it so happens, I finished my holidays today, and while I usually disable the location services I probably have used a mobile app that turned on them again, and this is the result.
Just clicking on this link I have noticed that my position was tracked by Google during my movements … and now you now where I spent my summer holidays.
Google location services 2

If you have a Google account, then simply login in and check your Location History.

It’s not the first time that location services offered by the Google are the subject of heated discussions, in 2009 the Google “Latitude” system, was a location-aware feature of Google Maps which allowed a mobile phone user to share their current location with trusted people. 
Google officially tracks for users to customize advertisements, but security and privacy experts note that the data collected could be used for surveillance by governments and other bad actors.
Users’ data are daily managed by different companies that monitor our habits, mainly for commercial purposes and to optimize promotional offers, but the data collected are often managed by entities ignoring security best practices, and in many cases it’s quite impossible for the users to understand who is collecting their data and why.
To preserve your privacy disable the location service and consider carefully which apps request the access to location data and which permissions they need … in today’s society privacy is perhaps the item of the greatest value which we possess. Don’t squander it!