Transhumanists Against Hunger

Can DIY-Soylent cure the pangs of World Hunger? Can the alchemists of future food collect sufficient funds to fill the bellies of famished children? believes YES. On June 11, they launched a crowdfunding campaign – their weighty ambition is to ship 3 million calories to The Philippines, enough chemical chow to satiate every starving young student at San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy for 2 weeks.

Recipients are the Alangyan Mangyan, an indigenous tribe in the mountain jungles of Mindoro island. Malnourished, isolated, largely illiterate, with parasitical worms, tuberculosis, diarrhea, measles, no clean water and no sewage systems, the Alangyan Mangyan are “the poorest of the poor” – earning an average of $30/month.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy is a “reservation school” that provides K-8 education to 140 children. Student family members dwell on the school property, elevating the population to 300. Mangyan subsist here on root crops, snails, rats, insects, fruit, and neighbor’s rice left over on stalks after harvests. To squelch their hunger they chew betel nut, an addictive substance that stains teeth black and leads to oral cancer.

Mangyan woman chewing betel nuts
Mangyan woman chewing betel nuts

Half of the Mangyan children were recently “de-wormed” via medicine provided by funds from the Brighter Brains Institute, a SFBay think-and-do tank. Brighter Brains also sponsors 33 of the children at the school; it pays the teacher salary and provides a daily lunch. The think-and-do tank requested DIY Soylent for the pupils. aims to fill the childrens’s tummies with a massive 4,200 pound rescue package, blended for free by DIY-Soylent producers. Will the Mangyan children swallow the Soylent regularly, and declare it tasty? Director Sally Melendres assures that they will, in the email below:

Hello Aleh,

I’m Sally from the foothills of Mount Halcon, Im very happy to know you and your great support to our “Mangyan” children. Please accept our sincerest thanks and gratitude in advance! Your work to feed and make our children healthy is truly great!!!



I will explain very well with our Mangyan brothers and children the good effects of Soylent in achieving good health. The whole community is one with us on our campaign towards making them a healthy community. Please be assured that they will love to take DIYSoylent daily.


God bless you.. for your great works!


Very gratefully,




Your generosity can save the lives and health of children, and demonstrate the world-changing potential of Soylent.

Material costs and postage for the 2+ ton cargo is needed – Donate via the Button found at the bottom of  THIS PAGE.


P.S. Are futurists, transhumanists, biohackers, and QSers … Humanitarian enough to eagerly fund this project? I’m not sure… two years ago, I spearheaded a Cell Phone Drive for The African Futures Project at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology ( I anticipated collecting 1,000 mobiles from the think tank’s techno-progressive membership… but… truth is… I only received 100 total, and 70 were from my close family members. The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) generously donated 30 Blackberries, Nokias, etc., (thank you Roger Hansen) but “mainstream” transhumanists? How many did they donate? ZERO. Are they Cheap? Lazy? Selfish? All three?

IEET will help publicize this DIY-Soylent campaign (thank you Kris Notaro), and will help promote as well (thank you, Peter Rothman) via their beautifully-designed new website. The Mormon Transhumanist Association has already contributed cold, hard, valuable CA$H – thanks again Lincoln Cannon! The great new futurist site Wave Chronicle, is also going to support the effort (thanks to Mike Dodd).

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  1. Stephen Jackson says:

    What a great kindness! I hope this kind of campaign will not stop and more campaigns will be offered to help other people. I think if helping other people is the main goal of transhumanism then I have nothing against with it. Just use technology in way that will change the lives of every humanity to become better and make their lives more meaningful and useful. Continue changing the world!

  2. Shouldn’t we be shipping them the vastly cheaper plumpynut? 9 times as many calories/$.

    • Plumpynut is great for immediate famine relief, but Soylent is better for long-term malnutrition.

      A HuffPo article puts it this way: “Plumpy’Nut is not designed for… chronic hunger due to long-term poor diets…or… long-term malnutrition that is due to various kinds of chronic micronutrient deficiencies, such as iron, zinc and vitamin-A deficiencies.”

  3. someone132 says:

    Sadly, “mainstream” transhumanism remains in the firm grip of anarcho-libertarians, who view the movement as a way to get unrestricted freedom and power and want disruptive change with little regard for the “unenlightened”. They’re the main reason our movement as a whole is viewed with suspicion at best by the outside world.

    Hell, this magazine recently had a positive review of a book where transhumanists all unite in a nation that eventually takes everyone else over, forms a rationalist dictatorship and bombs all religious shrines into oblivion. Such worldviews repulse pretty much EVERYBODY on the current political spectrum, and ought to be rejected as soon as possible for the good of the cause. Remember, technology CAN very easily be stopped or reversed by societial forces: Catholic Chuch in its heyday had undone decades of progress by Greek thinkers to take us back to the flat earth. If our movement pisses enough people off, computer research will be halted in its tracks for centuries.

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