Video Friday: Why the Turing Test is Bullshit – George Dvorsky

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Well known transhumanist writer George Dvorsky on animal intelligence, personhood, and why the Turing Test is bullshit, that is, it isn’t a very good test for intelligence.

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  1. trinity says:

    When people say “The Turing Test is bullshit” what I hear is “No amount of text based dialog is sufficient enough to convince me that another being is intelligent.” The issue here isn’t the efficacy of the Turing Test it’s the integrity of the judges.

  2. Snake Plissken says:

    The Turing Test isn’t bullshit when operated correctly. Have competent judges and its fine. Anyone can see that chatbot for what it really is. The problem is with people CHEATING and RIGGING the test, not the test itself.

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