Video Friday: Anders Sandberg – Eugene the Turing test-beating teenbot reveals more about humans than computers

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Anders Sandberg is one of my favorite people in the transhumanist scene Anders. Here he  discusses the recent overhyped report of a chatbot passing the Turing Test.

Anders is one of the most rigorous thinkers in transhumanism and his paper on  mathematical models for the Singularity is  one of the most important works on this subject.

In this video, he discusses the recent reports in depth with Humanity+ Board Member Adam Ford. You may also like this article by Anders on the subject.


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  1. Snake Plissken says:

    Guys seriously you don’t need 4 videos to discredit this hoax. All you are doing is justifying their bullshit. Just ignore it and it will go away. There is no way in hell it passed the turing test, just TRY the damn thing and its obvious.

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