Video Friday: PIT Author James Kent — “I want to question DMT as gateway to the spirit world”

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James Kent is the author of Psychedelic Information Theory, an excellent book that interested h+ Magazine readers are going to want to review if they haven’t. PIT offers a vision of the psychedelic experience as a form of novel information generation as opposed to some sort of supernatural event or gateway to other dimensions.

Recent research into practical uses of psychedelics, i.e. as tools for problem solving, treatments for emotional disorders such as depression and PTSD, or as end of life treatments suggests that more scientific approach to applications of these substances is in order and could benefit a great many people. However such research is often clouded by pseudo-science and magical thinking as well as appeals to spiritual or religious ideas about these experiences.

In these video excerpts James Kent shares his views on the DMT experience and the reality or lack thereof of psychedelic visions.

[su_quote]I have a problem with notion that brain sees things that other mechanical devices can’t [/su_quote]





From The Spirit Molecule (2011) Visit the official website:

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  1. Steve says:

    I think it’s becoming increasingly well attested that a more rigorously scientific consideration of psychedelics will be of more benefit to the world than any of this “spirit world” stuff. Especially when there are tangible medical benefits to be found:

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