Video Friday: Manfred Clynes at Harvard 2009

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Manfred Clynes is a neuroscientist, computer scientist, inventor, and professional musician who along with  Nathan S. Kline (1916-1982) coined the term “cyborg”.

Their paper and the article that appeared in the journal Astronautics in September 1960, Cyborgs in Space articulated the idea of a cybernetic organism which they termed a cyborg. Clynes and Kline famously suggested it would be more feasible to modify human biology than to replicate a sustainable terrestrial environment in space.

In March 2009, Manfred Clynes lectured at Harvard University, where he presented his ideas about music, consciousness, truth, and human emotion, meanwhile accompanying himself musically with his laptop.

The presentation is variously strange, frustrating, artful and deeply insightful and enlightening.

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