FiXience Association Student Prize Contest — “Transhumanism and its social issues”

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FiXience association offer students a creativity contest!

Saturday the 22nd of November 2014 

For Transvision 2014, first seminar dedicated to Transhumanism in France, Fixience, the AFT and ‘l’espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes’ of the ESPCI ParisTech give you the opportunity to create a project with the theme of issues related to TRANSHUMANISM and to present it on the 22th of November 2014. This will be the first international symposium on transhumanism in France.

Sponsored by the French Transhumanist Association: Technoprog in partnership with FiXience and ESPCI

The conference will aim to reflect the multiple ways in which “human augmentation” can be put to the service of social justice. In almost all international conferences held so far about transhumanism, this question has never been the central issue, hence the importance of this meeting which held over three days in Paris in late 2014.

The U.S. transhumanist current is often criticized in France, even equated with an ultra-liberal movement. The French association Technoprog in turn promotes a more humanistic vision of transhumanism. Technoprog therefore invites experts to tell us how, in their specific approach, a transhumanist evolution and improvements to the biological condition can improve society. How can nanotechnology, biotechnology, information science, robotics, and cognitive science contribute to social improvement? The organizers also want to give a voice to those who point to the risk of transhumanism and human enhancement increasing inequality or exacerbating social imbalances of all kinds.

The conference will be held in English, and French simultaneous translation will be provided to allow the public to follow all the discussions.

Show us your projects related to the theme “Transhumanism and its social issues”

These projects must be creative and bring up inquiries related with Transhumanism.

Two prizes will be awarded: one from the public and one from the jury.

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The competition

You have to sum up and illustrate the theme of the seminar: “Transhumanism and its social issues”. More than the questions raised with the human body, these specific points question social balance, through changes of ways of living. Also the issue with equality of modification’s access can be explored. Your creation will infuse the debate with these ideas. You have the freedom of the medium used (a video, a play, a performance, plastic arts,…) ; a dedicated space will be reserved to expose your production it at the ESPGG.

How to participate ?
> Alone or with a group (maximum of 5 participants)
> Fill up the online subscription form

Important dates
> End of registrations: 4th of July 2014
> Informations meeting: Thursday the 26nd of June 6 p.m at the ESPGG, 10 rue Vauquelin, Paris 5ème
> Restitution of projects: Saturday the 22nd of November 2014

Contacts :
> Do you want to meet other people to participate in your project?
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