Help humanity+ Board Member Amy Li Hack Cancer!

In recognition for her work  at Dance4Healing, Humanity+ Director Amy Li has been nominated for Mr/Ms. Silicon Valley!

Please help her raise $1000 to go to the next round !

Inspired by her own cancer journey against stage 4 cancer, Amy Li founded Dance4Healing.

With roots in neuroscience and positive psychology, Dance4Healing is using Artificial Intelligence (AI), behavior design, and gamification to build an ecosystem to unleash the healing power of music and dance to heal and improve health. Her aim is to alleviate mental and physical pain that comes with serious illness, and to help people find enjoyment and comfort in difficult times. 

The company recently launched their first pilot trial program for breast cancer patients.


The campaign page link is below.

Please go to the page click on the link that says SUPPORT AMY,  PURCHASE TICKETS

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Thank you very much!


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