Event: Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century, IEEE Conference Boston June 24-26 2014

The Norbert Wiener conference is coming up in Boston late June 24-26. Norbert Wiener was the father of cybernetics, and this event should be very relevant to transhumanists.

Norbert Wiener made contributions across several disciplines during his lifetime. Many of these were immediately relevant, and influenced theories and production during his day. Others were long-term, and only in recent years has it been possible to test their relevance. Separately, Wiener predicted the social impact of robotic, cybernetic and other technologies on the future of society, and after several decades his writing retain their relevance.

In recent years Wiener’s work has been coming to the fore in several fields, from control theory to science, technology and society. This conference will provide an opportunity to look at the full range of Wiener’s contributions, particularly those on the boarder of multiple disciplines that he valued much.

It is hoped that through this review, overlooked work by other researchers of his period will also emerge.

This conference will be of interest to professionals actively working in the areas of: Complex Systems, Complexity Science, Service Systems, Infrastructure and Transportation Systems, Environmental and Energy Systems, Defense and Space Systems, Human Life, Economic, Telecommunication Systems, Social, Political, and Biological and Ecosystems.

Norbert Wiener’s work has seen applications in Industry, Biology, Art, Medicine, Computer Science and Automation. Several important application areas of Norbert Wiener’s work are expected to dominate at least the next decade, as the unpredictable nature of many of these application domains can potentially result in conditions such as traffic jams, stock market crashes and wars.

The cybernetic methods originally developed by Wiener are relevant for addressing challenging problems arising in these challenging domains. Academicians, Industry Experts, Research Scholars and Students actively working or interested in the areas of Cybernetics, Internet, Web Science, Privacy Issues, Fuzzy Systems, Control Systems, History of Computing, Humanity & Technology, Technology & Societal Transformation and Ethics will benefit from participating in this conference.


A couple short videos introducing the conference and it’s importance follow. First, a short interview with Iven Mareels – Dean of Engineering at Melbourne University and second with Greg Adamson.

Wiener’s book God & Golem, Inc. explores many topics of interest to transhumanists and is recommended reading. The book includes coverage of Wiener’s ideas about the convergence of cybernetics and religion and covers diverse fields such as machine learning, machine self reproduction,  the place of machines in society, sensory feedback in artificial limbs, the problems of human responsibility in relation to machines and technology generally, the limits of machine game-playing, Darwinism, Marxism, the Cold War, the rigidity of ideological thinking, and a critique of economics. If you don’t know about this book, run do not walk and obtain a copy right now.


And h+ Magazine readers may also enjoy these two fantastic and related videos from H+ @Melbourne 2012 via humanity+ board member Adam Ford.

The full interview with Iven Mareels can be found here and is well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V853oSw_O1E

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