MILE LIfe Extension Video Contest


Let us imagine that the world becomes convinced that indefinite life extension is desirable and that achieving it is feasible. The people aren’t sure how they can help though. A reporter turns to you and asks you to speak into the camera and tell the people what they can do to help the cause move forward. What do you tell them?

If you’ve got a good succinct response, then record a 60 second or so video of yourself answering it and send it in via a downloadable attachment (not via YouTube or other such video services), in the message button at the movement for indefinite life extension page.

Select entries will be entered in a drawing for a bottle of multi vitamins, courtesy of the Life Extension Foundation and Tonya Scholz. The deadline for submitting entries is 20:00 CST, Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Entries can still be sent after the deadline, they just cannot be guaranteed to be included in the drawings.

Videos and transcripts may be edited together at some point in the future. Excerpts may also be used in the future literature of life extension activists.

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