Film, Future & Futurists | S01 | E06 | The X-Men Cometh with Futurist Harish Shah

Scenarios from FILMS; Questions about the FUTURE, Answered by FUTURISTS.

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ICE, the India Chapter of World Future Society ( met with leading Futurists on Google Hangout and asked them about their favourite Sci-Fi Films. Being in the business of researching the future, we wanted to explore the popular medium of films to address questions about Future Technologies and Scenarios.

Is Kubrick’s HAL 9000 an inevitable reality, Will Genetic enhancement lead to a battle between real X-Men and Humans, Will Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’ become an accepted mode of Law Enforcement? Questions we’ve all asked, finally answered by Futurists.

The ‘Film, Future and Futurists’ series was produced by the Institute of Customer Experience in association with the World Future Society (Pondicherry Chapter)

Futurist Harish Shah appears in Episode 06 discussing the the X-Men Coemth, transhumanism, and why he wants to be Wolverine.

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