Back to the Future in the Metaverse with Giulio Prisco, Philip Rosedale, Stephen Larson, The Rev. Christopher Benek, David Orban, and h+ Chair Natasha Vita-More

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The Back to the future in the Metaverse event, on May 15, started as a major clusterf###, but continued as a very interesting event thanks to the fast reaction of my good friend David Orban. Watch the video below.

So many people came that the Second Life server was overloaded and eventually (snow-)crashed! The first 12 minutes of the video are surreal and fun: watch first the event organizer, then the cameraman and the founder of Second Life himself, ejected from Second Life!

Eventually everyone was ejected from Second Life, a real Snow Crash [UPDATE: not everyone, see comments here].

David was streaming the event to the Web via Google Hangouts on Air, and got most speakers to give their talks in Hangouts.

The talks start at minute 20 in the video:

See here for more about the speakers.

I will write another posts with comments on the really excellent talks, and slides.


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  1. I would propose trying the next one in Kitely. Kitely advertises that it supports 100 persons on a region. In retrospect I am surprised anyone that has been around a while tried to put that mayn avatars on a SL region unless it is a very souped up special region. When I saw where it was I planned to ask how it was souped up during the session. Alas I crashed before that because it was a perfectly normal private region apparently.

  2. 2nd Life (SL) is a comedy of errors! It was stupid to think you could have that many avatars into a space and that things would work. IT”S CALLED LAG!

    SL is for really intelligent, forward looking people who relish heaping doses of frustration. And I, sad to say, am one:(

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