Humanity+ Membership – Move to Yearly Membership

humanity_plus_logoDear Humanity+ Members & Supporters,

We value your membership and our aim is to make the dues paying process more straightforward for you and less cumbersome for our administration.

In the past, Humanity+ membership dues were paid annually. A few years ago, we switched to monthly payments in hopes of increasing membership. This strategy has had little impact and, at the same time, has created headaches for some members with their PayPal accounts. Because of this, we have decided to return to annual payment of membership dues. We think this will simplify the membership process for you, help us stay on top of who the members are, and provide a more streamlined means for reaching out to all of you.

With this in mind, we are offering the annual membership. Anyone who has current full membership can choose to continue their membership on a rolling month to month membership. All full members will still have the opportunity to vote on matters of Humanity+ governance.

If current members want to update their membership to the yearly can re-subscribe to a yearly plan here. For your convenience, below is a list of membership dues:


  • Full membership: $60 per year
  • Student membership: $30 per year
  • Sponsored membership remains $1000 per year
  • Plus Membership: $360 per year
  • Plus Membership for Student: $276 per year

Thank you for your generous contributions in supporting Humanity+!

Humanity+ Board of Directors


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