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  1. Nicholas says:

    Because one of the views of transhumanism is morphological freedom. From a strict view you are able to alter your body as you see fit. Its not a matter of “should this life form be granted human rights” its that it is feeding off of the woman’s blood stream and whether or not she has the right to stop that.

    As a thought experiment say we have two adults and one is unable to feed themselves and is thus attached to the other by the equivalent of an umbilical cord. Should this person have the right to severe the cord even if it will kill the other? I say yes.

  2. Mark Plus says:

    “Do you believe women should not have the right to terminate their pregnancies?”


    One, I don’t see what this right has to do with “transhumanism.”

    And two, I don’t say this for religious reasons or because I care about fetuses. We need to restrict abortion because women’s sexual freedom has turned into a social disaster. Abortion has become part of a pernicious social experiment which reinforces women’s inclinations to make stupid choices in life.

    I also oppose the Pill, and I point out progressives’ cognitive dissonance in this area.

    Progressives talk about how much they care about human health, hence their advocacy of universal health insurance and their scolding to preserve the environment, live in harmony with nature, eat organic foods, stay fit, etc. (Though for some reason obese progressive feminists get a pass on that.)

    Progressives also express skepticism about the agenda and products of the pharmaceutical industry, which they often call Big Pharma.

    And progressives of a more philosophical turn also write about how the capitalist form of society causes “alienation” in normal human relationships.

    So what do progressives encourage young women to do? Ingest artificial hormones, produced by Big Pharma, to sabotage their natural fertility cycle so that these women can engage in sterile, inorganic and alienating hookups with men they have no intention of forming stable relationships with.

    Women’s bodies and minds did not evolve to handle this kind of abuse. No wonder so many women these days suffer from depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, hostility and suspicion towards men caused by repeated exploitation by cads, fertility problems, loss of sexual interest, early menopause and impairments in their ability to form durable marriages and bond with their own children.

    If you want to own this world and call it “transhumanism,” I don’t want to join with you.

    Seriously, considering the damage this progressive “utopia” has caused, I would like to hold accountable the enablers of this abomination. Feminists and progressives should whistle past the soccer stadium when they think about the enormity of their assaults on women’s well being.

    • CFK says:

      That was a lot of hot air you expended just to spew some misogynistic shit. I’ll bet it was brewing for weeks. Kindly leave the Internet immediately.

    • Klaus Lindgren says:

      Define “progressives”, please.

      • CFK says:

        Don’t even bother to engage. There are so many literally oppressive ideas behind that repugnant little rant that your theoretical chances of even having what might be called a discussion are 0.

        And before “Mark Plus” goes First Amendment on me like his kind are fond of doing:


    • Frozenjim says:

      Heh. Sorry, but you failed that question, plain and simple. You are NOT a trans-humanist.

      If you don’t understand how that question is important, then you just see what it feels like to fail a test question. It’s as cruel as a Calculus question when you haven’t understood the topic all semester.

      Let me help: Imagine a world where we all can live for 1000 years. Now imagine that we all have uncontrolled childbirth. Malthus.

      hint: Don’t even CONSIDER that we’ll stop having sex in our new hyper-sensitive bodies. My suspicion (and hope) is that it just becomes even more compelling 😉

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