BioTrove Podcast: “Gene Therapy”, Host Liz Parish interviews Matthew Scholz, Immusoft


How would you like to change your genes? How would you do it? Listen as my guest Matthew Scholz, CEO of Immusoft, teaches us about this technology and find out. You will learn how viruses such as AAV and the lentivirus become viral vectors, about transposons and the CRSPR method, about your adaptive immune system and how it might react, who elite suppressors/controllers are and how far we have come since risky harvesting of monoclonal antibodies from animals. Matt will also tell us how Immusoft wants to turn your own cells into drug factories. 

The battle is on! Find out how gene therapy is helping to cure diseases like hemophilialeukemiaHIV and aging.




Ms. Parrish is the Director of Outreach for the Complex Biological Systems Alliance (CBSA). She is the founding Director of BioTrove Investments, an organization that works with private investors and is committed to regenerative medicine aimed at alleviating human disease caused by degenerative pathologies and genetic disorders. She is a leading voice of progress, reason and education for the advancement of biotechnology and serves as a Motivational Speaker for the Life Sciences. Ms. Parrish is actively involved in international educational media outreach and works with the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) .

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