Unnecessary hierarchy and artificial scarcity are a major source of problems in the world.

In hierarchy there you are either a boss or a worker, a master or a slave.

In heterarchy you are both a master and slave at once, and as much or as little of each as you choose to be.

In heterarchy you’re a client and a server at the same time, like Bittorrent if you’ve ever used it. You download and upload simultaneously to increase the utility of the distributed heterarchical network.

In some situations hierarchy may be necessary and when it is not coercive in nature then an individual can choose how much and what form they require for survival. In a world of scarcity hierarchy is necessary to determine who can access or use the limited resources. The digital world is not a world of scarcity, and artificial scarcity produced by copyright, software patents and ownership of ideas enforces an unnecessary hierarchy.

Governments support this unnecessary hierarchy in a desperate attempt to protect the jobs of an entitled few. As we face a future of technological unemployment, intelligent machines, complete with distributed governance, we have to develop new systems to encourage innovation to replace copyright which is broken completely.

The origins of any new idea are unknown and can never be proven definitively.

Ideas have no owners.

Leibnitz vs. Newton


Exploring the the Darkside of Artificial Intelligence: thoughts, ideas, rants, and research from darklight

“you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it.”


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  1. aquaticko says:

    You forgot the proviso that, in a heterarchical system, while anyone can choose how much of a master or slave they want to be, they must always be at least a little bit of both, as long as actual scarcity exists.

  2. Greg says:

    For a heterarchical system to work well the masters and slaves would need similar values. Otherwise once the slave found that the masters values were different he could choose to be more of a master but then that would clash with the first master. If the slave could go of and find another master with similar values then the system might work. The individuals in the system would have to recognize when they did or not have enough knowledge, so as the choose been master or slave. We would not want any know alls, they would want to be master all the time. As long as individuals could choose their master that would probably sort the know alls. out.

  1. March 20, 2014

    […] Peter Unnecessary hierarchy and artificial scarcity are a major source of problems in the world. In […]

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