The Future of Humanity and the Question of Post-Humanity


This issue  includes seven articles on transhumanity from a Jaspersian perspective, discusses the meaning, nature, and scope of transhumanist and post-humanist philosophies, and critically engages ideas concerning enhancement technologies and enhanced human/trans/post-human beings as well as an introduction by Gregory Walters.

Transhumanism, Post-Humanism, and Human Technological Enhancements: Wither Goes Humanitas?, Gregory J. Walters| Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Hyperagency as a Core Attraction and Repellant for Transhumanism, Max More | Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Contested Culture: The Plausibility of Transhumanism, Natasha Vita-More | Humanity+

Posthumanism, Transhumanism, Antihumanism, Metahumanism, and New Materialisms: Differences and Relations, Francesca Ferrando| Columbia University

Transhuman Express: Are we Ethically Required to be Transhumanists?, John P. Sullins| Sonoma State University

Post-Humanism, Technology, and Education, Stephen A. Erickson| Pomona College

Futurological Discourse and Posthuman Terrains, Dale Carrico| University of California, Berkeley

Human Nature as Seen from a Transhumanist Perspective, Michael Hauskeller | University of Exeter, UK

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