Future Day Talk – Technological Determinism – by Andrew Dun

Overview of technological determinism and technological inevitability. Analysis of implications in four key areas:
1) environment, 2) nuclear weapons, 3) artificial intelligence, & 4) poverty.
Talk held at Future Day March 1st 2014 in Melbourne

[su_heading]Andrew Dun[/su_heading]
100x100_andrew_dunAndrew’s research interest relates to both the ontology and ethics of consciousness. Andrew is interested in the ethical significance of consciousness, including the way in which our understanding of consciousness impacts our treatment of other humans, non-human animals, and artifacts. Andrew defends the view that the relationship between physical and conscious properties is one of symmetrical representation, rather than supervenience. Andrew argues that on this basis we can confidently approach ethical questions about consciousness from the perspective of ‘common-sense’ materialism.

future_day_plaque_610x340_goodis_question-arrowSlides for talk: http://www.slideshare.net/spinnn/technodeterminism-g-pres-11-31811206
http://fd2014.scifuture.org – http://futureday.org
Future Day March 1st – Melbourne #futureday @futureday @andrewdun

Also see Andrew’s talk ‘Zombie Rights’: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9eo0uzdW20

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