Future Day 2014

Future Day is the best way to spend your March 1st!




Future Day at Steam3 Conference, Texas

Bryan Alexander (author of ‘The New Digital Storytelling‘) will be speaking.
A future-focused sense event to explore and develop multi-dimensional, immersive approaches to the future of education!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Futurists are hosting a google hangout discussion.
Details on Meetup
There is a limit of ten (10) people who can participate in the Hangout directly ie interaction with the others via audio and video – if you want to be one of those ten people go here at 6pm Sat:


and click the “Play” button. If you are not one of the initial ten people you can still watch and submit questions. If you are happy just to watch in real time and be able to submit text questions to the participants you can also go to YouTube here:


Future Day – Utah – Thanksgiving Point

Future Day 2014 Lunch at Thanksgiving Point
Future Day is 1 March, and the Mormon Transhumanist Association invites you to join us for lunch and casual conversation about the future at the Thanksgiving Point Tower Deli in Lehi, Utah, at 11:45am on 1 March 2014. Bring your friends and family, and of course your thoughts and questions about a future of radical flourishing in compassion and creation through technology and religion.

Future Day hosted by Longévité & Santé

See the Facebook page, and the web page (in french)

Future Day @Springfield!

Springfield, Illinois – please contact Matthew for more details.
Likely to include some fuzzy math lessons!

Future Day @BIL

Future Day @BIL in San Fran will be celebrated – Marc Ciotola (ex Nasa) will coordinate Future Day at BIL this year.

Transhuman Visions 2.0

Future Day will be celebrated at the Transhuman Visions 2.0 conference – with H+ representatives Natasha Vita-More, and Linda Glenn

Future Day – Millennium Project Online

Futurists’ Worldwide 24-Hour Discussion to Celebrate World Future Day March 1st to be Hosted Online by The Millennium Project.
The contacts for the leaders of the collaborating organizations are:
– Association of Professional Futurists, Cindy Frewen, Chair cfw(at)frewenarchitects(dot)com
– Club of Amsterdam: Felix B Bopp, Chairman – felix(at)clubofamsterdam(dot)com
– Humanity+: Adam Ford, Secretary tech101(at)gmail(dot)com
– The Millennium Project, Jerome Glenn, CEO, Jerome.Glenn(at)Millennium-Project(dot)org
– World Future Society: Tim Mack, President tmack(at)wfs(dot)org
– World Futures Studies Federation, Jennifer Gidley, President wfsf.president(at)jennifergidley(dot)com

Wherever you are in the world, you are invited at 12:00 noon [March 1st] in your time zone to join this global conversation about the future.

Hong Kong

There was a raucous Pre-Future Day lunch gathering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Feb 28 2014, featuring Future Day founder Dr. Ben Goertzel, the OpenCog Hong Kong team and assorted HK futurists. Discussion centered on the planned future release of a (peaceful) army of OpenCog-powered toy robots to learn from, teach and entertain the children of the world; and ultimately transcend human intelligence.


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/499832553470301/
Con motivo del “International Future Day”, estamos organizando para este 1° de Marzo, una charlita en alguna universidad acerca de “EL FUTURO DEL ENVEJECIMIENTO”.
Aún no tenemos el lugar, pero apenas lo tenga, avisamos.


March 1st 2014 — 7 pm, Paris, bar/restaurant “Demain, c’est loin” (“tomorrow, it’s far”) — 9 rue Julien Lacroix. FutureDay, with an emphasis on longevity.
Edouard, Longévité & Santé

International Future Day Conference, India

Website Link: indiafuturesociety.org/events/internation-future-day-conference-india/

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur
Nawabganj – Kanpur

Date/Time : 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur

Facebook Event for Future Day India


March 1st is unofficially world “Future Day.” Help make forward thinking into a tradition by participating in our first gathering of the Seattle Futurist Society!

Initial motion for this gathering took place in the Reddit Futurology community. We are hoping to extend the technological, sociological, political, economic and transhuman themes which are commonly discussed online.

We will start with keynote speakers, followed by Q&A, and an open debate/postulation platform. Content will be streamed online for remote questions and discussion.

Brazil – São Paulo

Downtown future Pizza and Beer – please contact Andre about details.


Future Day Sweden (Stockholm)

For Future Day in Stockholm this year, a number of futures-focused organisations will arrange a collaborative event to illustrate alternative futures. The day will be organised as a experiential game, where participants collect insights about different futures followed by a co-creative process, where teams craft possible future scenarios.

Time: Saturday March 1 from 11AM to 3PM.

Future Day Stockholm 2014 is an event which will be co-created by Människa+, Stockholm Futurists, Guerilla Office, CoHero Game Design, and other organisations.

The event is free, including general admission to Tekniska Muséet, where the event is held.


Future Day Edmonton

Celebration of Future Day holiday at CCIS L1-160 http://www.futureday.org/ combining those involved in Technology and Future of Medicine course LABMP 590http://www.singularitycourse.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/kimsolez at present and in the past, and those involved in Leonard Cohen Night events in the past http://www.leonardcohennights.org/index2.html and in our planned 2016 event. Participation by Skype is most welcome. We anticipate Tori Sheldon Skyping with us at 4 pm Edmonton time. Entertainment by Mallory Chipman and Joel Crichton . Special presentation by Ken Chapman .

Room number has changed etc.: https://www.facebook.com/events/139684502884517/ If you are so inclined please join us for this event by Skype! Saturday March 1st 4 pm to 10 pm Mountain Standard Time. Celebration of Future Day in CCIS L1-440 on the University of Alberta Campus http://www.futureday.org/combining those involved in Technology and Future of Medicine course LABMP 590 http://www.singularitycourse.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/kimsolez at present and in the past, and those involved in Leonard Cohen Night events in the past http://www.leonardcohennights.org/index2.html and in our planned 2016 event. Participation by Skype is most welcome. Entertainment by Mallory Chipman and Joel Crichton . Special presentation by Ken Chapman . Student presentation by William Parker on the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE . The Edmonton Journal newspaper is doing a feature story on the LABMP 590 course and this event and so will be sending at least a photographer to the event, and possibly a reporter/journalist as well.

Future Day Melbourne (Australia)

At Unitarian Hall East Melbourne – starts a 10.30
There will be a number of speakers: Colin Kline (AI and Futurology), Andrew Dun, Matt Fisher (Cryonics), Patrick Robotham (xRisk), James Fodor (Whole Brain Emulation) and many more covering topics from Technological Progress, Strategic Forecasting

Website: http://fd2014.scifuture.org
Organised by Adam Ford

Future Day Venezuela and Peru

Details Forthcoming
Organised by Jose Cordeiro & Fernando Ortega

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