The Technological Singularity @ LOSCON 39 with David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, Mitch Wagner

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This is a super panel discussion from last year featuring David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, and Mitch Wagner. The panel discusses the technological singularity with a live audience at LOSCON 39. The panel drop some pretty interesting ideas and facts along the way, so this is one to listen to in its entirety rather than skimming. Another of the amazing videos filmed and produced by H+ board member Adam Ford.

John von Neumann and Stan Ulam, the “secret” singularity and an interesting quotation from Isaac Asimov who we hear claimed the singularity had already happened in 1945. Hmm, where have I heard this before?!

That’s just the opening of this wide ranging discussion which covers emergent artificial intelligences in high frequency trading, religious responses to singularity thinking, the first job of transhumanists, the hopeful human place in the post singularity future, is technology  really  exponentially advancing or in fact  slowing down? And much much more.

The panel members answer a series of really interesting questions from the audience in an engaging manner. Watch this.


Published on Mar 12, 2013  by Adam Ford

Los Con 39 – #loscon

November 23 — 25, 2012 — LAX Marriott Hotel — Los Angeles, California