Indiegogo: Become Your Own Hedgefund with the Behavior Oriented Trading Robot


BOTR is an Indiegogo project seeking funding to develop a sophisticated scientific financial trading platform for everyone.

Have you heard about Renaissance Technologies ? They, along with other similar companies hire scientists, physicists, mathematicians, as well as computer scientists to work with proprietary and specialized algorithms. These algorithms are used to determine when to enter and exit markets, how much to invest in specific instruments, and more.

The success of sophisticated traders is based on the use of science and technology, but, so far, the only way to obtain those kinds of tools was to work for a hedge fund yourself or to invest your own money into hiring services from a company like Renaissance.  These services are of course very expensive.

BOTR will change that, bringing the power of sophisticated financial trading software to everyone. We are developing the same type of tools and will give them to anyone interested in playing a different game at an affordable price. So extend your hand and let us give you a State of the Art tool that will give you the power of the big players.

Our software is based on these main observations:

  1. Humans are emotional beings and emotions can make us react unreasonably
  2. Markets are always changing, and the only drive behind all market
    movements is a duopole “Greed/Fear”
  3. If you merely react to the market movements, you are already too late for the

BOTR will be created using Matlab, the market algorithms have been designed using Tradestation and written in Easylanguage, the programming language that comes with Tradestation. The semantic Algorithms will be able to search the main Social Portals and the leading news websites, we are using cutting edge research done all over the world in regards of the most advanced techniques currently available to make them run efficiently and accurately.



The Team

Manuel Delaflor: CEO, designer of the theory behind the BOTR. More about him at:

Carlos Toxtli: CTO, head of programmers and technical design of the application. More at:


Learn more about the BOTR:

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