Max More Schools Michio Kaku on Cryonics

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A rebuttal of Michio Kaku’s critique of cryonics by Max More.

Kaku seems to get more wrong than right here, and even  critics of cryonics can’t really support Kaku. His comments are mostly just false and pretty much everything he says about cryonics is simply wrong. And pretty obviously wrong with a quick Google search, i.e. it’s “cryonics”, not “cryogenics”, cells don’t burst due to freezing, etc. etc.

I’ve argued previously that cryonics providers would benefit from greater connection with the scientific community, and erroneous and non-scientific presentations like Kaku’s get in the way of making real scientific progress for example in understanding the process of death.  Too bad and we should expect more from popularizers and presenters of science and scientific ideas.

At least Google it!


Max More Schools Michio Kaku


Watch Kaku’s original video below.

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