Event: Transhuman Visions Conference February 1 2014, San Francisco

“TRANSHUMAN VISIONS” will be an all-day conference on February 1, 2014, at the Conference Center in Fort Mason, San Francisco. The list of transhumanists delivering talks at the show includes “biohackers, neuro-optimists, extreme futurists, philosophers, immortalists, steal-the-singularitarians, etc.”

The event will be from 9:30am-9:30pm at the Conference Center, Fort Mason, 2 Marina Blvd., in San Francisco. Fort Mason is a beautiful historic area on the bay waterfront, adjacent to restaurants, museums, parking.

TRANSHUMAN VISIONS is sponsored by THE BULLETPROOF EXECUTIVE ®  – the biohack company founded by Dave Asprey that specializes in brain-healthy products, like Bulletproof® Coffee and Upgraded™ Hot Chocolate. The event is produced by Hank Pellissier, director of Brighter Brains Institute, with assistance from Scott Jacklisch, founder of the East Bay Futurists.

Speakers include Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Rudy Rucker, R.U. Sirius, Dr. Randal Koene, biohacker Rich Lee, and 11 other speakers. The full speaker list is available at BrighterBrains.org

 Special perks at the event include a “Free Nootropic”, plus “RFID implants surgically provided to stoic customers” and a “Hallucination Machine.”

Healthy “ketogenic” food will be also available at the conference – avocados, hardboiled eggs, walnuts, olives, coconut oil, and – possibly – grass-fed steaks and wild salmon.etc.  Biohack and QS research will be featured on display tables, alongside transhumanist t-shirts.

December tickets will cost $40. In January they’ll cost $45, with $49 the at-the-door price.

You can also PayPal $35 to account # hedonistfuturist@aol.com – include your name. You will quickly receive a receipt that you can print out as your ticket, and your name will be added to the guest list.

Tickets are available via EventBrite, HERE: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/transhuman-visions-tickets-9732445005?aff=es2&rank=1&sid=acc0cc4f6b2711e3be7022000a880143

Questions? contact brighterbrainsinstitute@gmail.com 


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