PART 2: Aubrey de Grey: You don’t know how long you want to live

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What is the tipping point that will make the public want to defeat aging? In Part 2 of the Galactic Public Archives’ Aubrey de Grey series, Dr. de Grey discusses the importance of challenging the mindset through which many people view aging.

“I don’t want [my] audience to go away having maintained their emotional distance from this topic. I want people to get angry. I want people to really feel that this [longevity research] is something that matters just as much as specific diseases matter… in fact, more, because it kills more people.”

Dr. Aubrey de Grey: You Don’t Know How Long You Want to Live from Galactic Public Archives on Vimeo.

The Galactic Public Archives is an extension of a feature film, 2030, which espouses an optimistic countdown to the coming age of longevity and immortality.