Can We Live Forever?

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The Humanity+ community doesn’t need me to tell them that a growing number of scientists are dedicating their time and energy into research that could radically alter the human aging trajectory.  As a result we could be on the verge of the end of aging.  But from an anthropological and evolutionary perspective, humans have always had the desire to end aging.  Most human culture groups on the planet did this by inventing some belief structure incorporating eternal consciousness.  In my mind this is a logical consequence of A) realizing you are going to die and B) not knowing how to prevent that tragedy.  So from that perspective, I wanted to create a video that contextualized the modern scientific belief in radical life extension with the religious/mythological beliefs of our ancestors.

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  1. The “Life expectancy in ancient Rome was 25 years” comment in the video is kind of misleading. This is the expected life expectancy at birth, which is misleading as it incorporates the quite difficult process of making it through childhood. The life expectancy in ancient Rome having made it to 5 years old was around 48. To me if you’re talking about the ability to extend adult life you really need to be looking at life expectancy after surviving childhood.

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